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pt.lagoa sinar samudera
PT.Lagoa Sinar Samudera
PT.Lagoa Sinar Samudera
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
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PT.Lagoa Sinar Samudera

Company Info     A system is a stable company is the main ingredient for a healthy and successful economy. People need to have confidence that the system is safe and stable, and functions well to provide essential services to the broader economy. It is important that the problems in a particular area does not cause disruption across enterprise systems.     Finance companies have a legal purpose to " contribute to protect and enhance the stability of the financial system" . The company does this through risk assessment and risk reduction work, market intelligence functions, payment systems oversight, corporate and market operations, including, in exceptional circumstances by acting as a lender of last resort, and works dealing with the resolution of distressed companies     In 2011 the company outlined plans to reform the regulatory framework of the company, including the creation of an independent Financial Policy Committee at the Bank and the new prudential regulator as a subsidiary of the company